BRPEnergy Services

We have a dedicated Maintenance and Support Team ready to handle any Maintenance requirement no matter size or Service Level Agreement (SLA) required.

It is imperative that all BEMS are maintained to ensure the ongoing efficiency of the system and plant, listed below is a list of the PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) checks to be covered:

Controller PPM Check -We will go through each Input and Output associated with each controller and verify the correct values and statuses are being achieved. We will also check any onboard battery backups to ensure these are within the manufacturers guidelines.

Controller Backup - We will obtain a backup of the controller strategies for archiving, these will be called upon should the controller fail and require replacing

Supervisor PPM Check - We will review the Supervisor and investigate any re-occurring alarms which may point to an underlying problem. We will also ensure the correct functionality of the historical logging and communications

Supervisor Backup - We will obtain a backup of the Supervisor/s main project files for archiving, these will be called upon should the Supervisor/s or Computer running the software fail

Network Communications - We will check the operation of the network and ensure that all LAN and WAN communications are Okay

Software Strategies - Where software strategies are not performing we will investigate further to ensure the correct operation is achieved, we will also use loop tuning tools were required.

Peripherals and Field Devices - We will check each item for correct operation and suspect temperature sensors will be calibrated from a known calibrated source. Valve actuators will be driven to their full drive to prove functionality.

Historical Faults - It is highly recommended that the client ensures that any BEMS faults which occur in between maintenance visits are logged within a BEMS Fault log book; this should be located near to the main Supervisor. We will then ensure this is checked during routine PPM visits and investigate as required.

Developments - We will continue to review the performance and status of the BEMS and recommend any upgrades applicable following each PPM visit.

We can also combine the above service with our Optimised Energy Programme which assists in managing the BEMS from Energy prospective - details upon request as this is tailored dependent upon your requirements.

BEMS Energy Services

Our Energy Team offer various Energy Services which aid in monitoring and reducing Energy consumption levels. Below is a list of some of these services:

Metering Solutions Multiple Tenant Metering Solutions Energy Monitoring Software Plant Efficiency Software AM&T Packages Energy Survey
Energy in Control