BEMS Contracting - Design, Application, Installation & Commissioning

BRP Energy Services we have a dedicated BEMS Contracting Team and assign dedicated Project Managers to our Contracts. The Project Manager will remain the primary point of contact throughout the job giving the client one point of contact, this offers the customer the peace of mind that they will always speak to the person who understands the works in hand and also gets a response which is meaningful to the contract. We successfully fulfil demanding specifications from inception through to execution and these vary in size, complexity and varying levels of integration. At BRP Energy Services we firmly believe that no matter the contract or no matter how demanding the contract or indeed the programme there is always a solution for each circumstance and we aim to deliver that requirement.

Retro Fit

have completed many projects which involved retro fitting a solution to replace an obsolete or U/S BEMS or Optimiser Panel - No matter the size small or large we can provide you with a solution that can often involve retaining the original field peripherals including actuators and sensors